Camping in Garnet Canyon

In addition to the standard Backcountry Camping Regulations in Grand Teton National Park, special regulations apply in Garnet Canyon due to its unique character and the specialized use it receives.  

Garnet Canyon Stay Limits
Parties are limited to two nights per fork of the canyon (Lower Fork, South Fork, North Fork), with a maximum stay of six nights per outing.  Between June 1 and September 15, campers may stay in the backcountry of Grand Teton National Park a maximum of 10 nights.

Lower Fork Zones:  Platforms, Meadows
North Fork Zones:   Caves, Moraine, Lower Saddle
South Fork Zones:   South Fork   

Party Size
All camping in Garnet Canyon is limited to parties of 1 to 6 people.

Human Waste Disposal
All overnight campers at the Lower Saddle & Caves Camping Zones are required to take "Rest Stop" bags to pack out their human waste.  Campers are also encouraged to use "Rest Stop" bags when staying elsewhere in Garnet Canyon.  Bags are available for issue with a camping permit at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station. Semi-permanent plywood structures on the west side of the Lower Saddle help to facilitate use of the bags. Chemical polymers breaking down the solid waste allow for the bags to be deposited in any garbage can back on the valley floor.  Additional information on proper use can be obtained at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station.  We also request that people urinate on the west side of the Lower Saddle to help maintain a clean and pristine camping area and to prevent contamination of the water source on the east side.

Food Storage
All food, garbage, toiletries, and any other odorous item that may attract bears or other wildlife MUST be stored  in a bear-resistant food storage canister or box when not in immediate use, day or night.  Bears, marmots, ravens, and other scavengers frequent Garnet Canyon and can cause significant damage to tents, sleeping bags, packs, and other camping equipment if food and garbage is not properly stored.  Approved bear-resistant food storage canisters are required at the Moraine and South Fork Camping Zones.  Canisters can be checked out with a camping permit for free at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station.  Bear-resistant food storage boxes are available at the Platforms(1), Meadows(3), Caves(1), and Lower Saddle(1) Camping Zones.